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About Michelle...

Michelle M. Domowicz M.A.
Welcome to my Web page!
It’s a new adventure being a "dot com"!

I hope this answers some of the common questions you might have as you explore therapy possibilities.

About My Practice...
I have a general psychology practice providing comprehensive psychological services. I treat children, adults, individual and couples. My hours are by appointment. I offer daytime and evening appointments and try to be as accommodating as possible. I use a variety of modalities including biofeedback/neurofeedback, cognitive/behavioral techniques, play therapy and a variety of other fun learning tools and techniques.

About My Experience...
I have 20 years experience in the mental health field. I have experience in children’s residential care; hospital based psychological services providing treatment to trauma, rehab, medical and psychiatric patients, psychological support for inpatient drug and alcohol clients, community mental health care for seriously mentally ill clients and employee assistance services.

About My Philosophy
I would describe myself as holistic and integrative in my approach with a strong emphasis on healing to cultivate resilience and resources. The physical, creative, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of us need to be balanced to give and receive life and love. Nothing gets done without a sense of volition and will. I believe healing is the restoration of freedom following the integration of the challenges life offers.

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